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Thanks Mito...

I have been completely off the alprazolam for anxiety, and also off the trazadone for sleeping.  About 1.5 weeks into taking MitoSynergy I had a few bad days where my muscles started to hurt so bad that I could hardly walk, and I also slept for almost 36 hours straight.  That lasted a few days, and then subsided.  I have noticed I am feeling better all the way around most days and the anxiety is doing really well.  The sleeping has improved dramatically!  I am excited to try the new Mito, as I am usually B12 deficient due to RNY Gastric Bypass.  Hopefully this will be even easier for me to absorb and retain.  I’m wishing you all luck and hoping you all are feeling better by the day! Thanks Mito.

Amy White

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Whether you're healthy and simply need more energy or if you suffer from a chronic situation, MitoSynergy may help you to improve your quality of life and take control of your discomfort. With a one of a kind blend containing the patent pending Cunermuspir Complex, MitoSynergy may dramatically improve your energy and aid discomfort.

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